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Herbal Dispensary

Welcome to the Herbal Dispensary and Clinic

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We are a group of experienced,  qualified practitioners. We have Naturopaths, medical herbalists, Nutritionists and a beauty therapist, who are all committed to working with you to reach your health goals. Our staff undergo continuing education to keep on top of the latest research and products.

We offer on floor consultations where we can recommend tailored solutions and the correct supplementation for you. If a more in depth consultation is required, we offer one on one consults in one of our private rooms in store. Within the consulation we will take an extensive case history, perform relevant tests and construct a personalized  treatment plan which could include, diet plan, recipes,  lifestyle modifications, practitioner only supplements and individualized herbal tincture blends.

Stocking quality and ethical product ranges is important to us and we want to ensure our customers have the best choice. If you are looking for something quite specific we will endeavor to source it, advise an alternative or blend one up for you.

Testing services 

  • Hair allergy and  intolerances

Using a sample for your hair we test for over 200 food, beverages, colorings, preservatives and environmental substances.  These are graded for severity and a 15 minute follow up consultation is provided free of charge to guide you through the results with our qualified nutritionist.

  • Cell wellbeing nutritional test

Live hair follicle is taken and tested to obtain your body’s level of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, microbial balance and overall health of your body systems. A 30 page report is email to you for your reference.

This is the ideal test to target your nutritional deficiencies

  • Iridology

Taking a photograph of your iris, this is then analysis to identify your overall health and an in depth report is given with recommendations.

  • Theratest 

 Theratest machine works on the endpoints of the Meridian lines on fingers and toes. This gives an overall picture of how well each organ of the body is functioning, and which areas require treatment. The client receives a copy of their chart with all the meridian readings, and recommended supplements or treatment.

  • Body talk sessions

These sessions help to address physical, mental and emotional issues. By using a gentle tapping technique on specific points on the body this therapy helps to rebalance and remove stress. This is a non invasive therapy and the client remains fully clothed while relaxing on the treatment table.

Also available to book

  • Nutritional consultations
  • Naturopathic consultations
  • Beauty therapy