Ethical Nutrients Inner health for Kids 60g

Inner Health for Kids Powder 50g contains probiotics in potent amounts. It also aids in balancing the microbiological makeup of the body’s intestines, resulting effectively to a healthier state.

  • Potent probiotics in powder form
  • Part of the Inner Health Probiotics supplement range

Benefits of Probiotics

The digestive system, that is responsible for food digestion and nutrient absorption, is actually the home of around 500 various strains of bacteria that assist its functions.

Probiotics is the term for microorganisms, specifically yeast and bacteria, which contribute to a person’s better health. Living in and helping the body’s digestive system, these good bacteria are actually naturally-occurring. Probiotics can also be found in food and supplement products.

According to results of clinical studies, probiotics boost the body’s immune system and makes it more resistant to allergies and common diseases.

How Inner Health for Kids Powder keeps our kids healthy

  • Helps increase the number of the child’s gut microorganisms as he undergoes a period of growth and development
  • Supports the microbiological makeup and balance of the good bacteria, especially after it has been disturbed by antibiotic medications
  • Aids in the growth of microorganisms functioning towards a healthy gastrointestinal tract
  • Helps sustain the child’s general wellness
  • Keep your healthy microflora alive by taking probiotics!