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​Introducing our services


Our Pharmacists and Technicians are always here to help no matter the medical problem. If it is just a consult or a prescription item they are here for you. Come in and talk to your friendly Pharmacist.

Integrated Health

Naturopaths and Herbal practitioners (or if you want to call them as we call them: herbies) welcome you to come and talk about your health problem no matter how big or small.

Retail Galore

Craving for a new skincare routine, or makeup application is not your forte, we can help to sort you out at any time of the day. Huge gifts selection for last minute present spree.

Photo Services

​Needing to develop that film that has been in your drawer since two decades ago? Enlargements, restorations, scanning or transferring from one media to another is just a small portion of what we can do.

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Hot Deals

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Easy to use antifungal

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Relieves Allergy from 5 minutes

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Improved weight management

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Get your holiday photos      printed

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